Does something like the Fitbit Inspire HR exist in "Open-Source"?

Basically I want a wristband with heart rate and step tracking, notifications, clock and a similar form factor like the Fitbit has but with a software not talking to anyone but my own infrastructure…

A nice to have would be to be able to modify the firmware myself…

As I'm really bad in soldering I'd like to be able to buy the wristband completely assembled and not as a DIY kit…


Okay from what I found until now:

- There are some Chinese trackers which can be "hacked" and with some effort programmed using the Arduino IDE (none provide code, all are reverse-engineered)

- Some people tried to create an OS tracker and their Kickstarter campaign failed

- All commercial products want to talk to their sellers

- Garmin seems to be the least talkative?

- You can spend 900-2000 EUR for Garmin smart-watches (The fuck?)


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