Anyone knows about a way to remotely monitor a Windows machine (primary CPU / GPU Temp / Utilization) as OSS or at least software with an open API?

"Remote Systems Monitor" can monitor all those metrics but the API has no specification and the dev doesn't even respond to my question about an API documentation… (And I don't want to try to reverse-engineer a certificate secured API just to get some metrics out of it…)

Works like a charm: Set up a Telegraf instance on the Windows machine reporting to my InfluxDB displayed in a Grafana dashboard I can open on my Tablet…

Monitoring of CPU / GPU during gaming!

Only CPU temperature is currently missing as there seems to be no plugin for that… (At least not out-of-the-box…)

Thanks to @rob and @lukas for this hints in this direction!

@knut Hi Knut, I would suggest prometheus ( + windows exporter (, basically all metrics covered (but honestly being unsure about GPU - but should be easy to find out).

@rob Indeed a good point… Hadn't thought about using Prometheus (exporters) / Grafana / … stack though I do use that for work purposes…

And indeed there is a nvidia_smi_exporter… 🤔

Thanks for the hint!

@knut Für die Basics tut es der prometheus windows_exporter ganz gut:

Ansonsten guck mal, ob du die Daten als Performance Counter in Windows bekommst (kannst du in perfmon.exe ausprobieren). Die müsstest du mit go (und den meisten anderen Sprachen) auslesen können. Vielleicht hilft das schon weiter?

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